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Windshield Replacement

A replacement windshield is not necessary if windshield cracks are modest and promptly fixed. But if you wait and the cracking process progresses, a replacement might be required.

Since we at Auto Glass Pros of Brea always have our clients’ best interests in mind, we prioritize prompt repairs above replacements. We only replace windshields when it is absolutely required to do so. The best, most affordable, and environmentally friendly options are what we strive to offer you, but occasionally a windshield’s damage and cracks are so severe that there is no other option except to replace it.

The following steps are a part of our windshield installation process:
1. Before deciding whether to replace your windshield or not, our skilled and knowledgeable professionals will assess the damage to it when they arrive at your location.
2. If so, the following action will be taken. Your old and cracked windshield will be replaced by a high-quality auto glass installed by our professionals, which will boost your safety while driving.
3. Using the most cutting-edge adhesives, primers, and cutting-edge technology, we will implant it.
4. Next, we’ll clean every window and remove any broken glass.

The most cutting-edge windshield replacement and repair business in Orange County is Auto Glass Pros of Brea. We have a strong reputation for providing high-quality repairs, excellent customer service, and quick turnaround times. We treat every customer’s vehicle with the utmost care, just like it were our own. We follow the manufacturer’s guidelines while replacing a windshield on any vehicle to ensure your safety and receive a high-quality replacement service.

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How do you replace your windshield?

There is a reason why changing your windshield is not a frequent task. You need a lot of time, specialized tools, and a skilled hand. The glass could fail or break at a particularly awful time due to a single miscalculation. When it comes to your windshield, safety is nearly imperceptible until it isn’t. No matter why you want to replace it, it’s better to leave it to the experts (and we’re not just saying that to encourage you to donate money to your auto body specialist). Nevertheless, if you want to study and have the time to do so, follow these steps to get started.

1. Discard everything
To show the whole perimeter of the windshield, everything surrounding it must be removed. Wipers, moldings, and any windshield clips should be removed after opening the hood. Because every car’s windshield is built differently, you might only need to remove one continuous molding or you might need to remove numerous molding pieces and clips. Some clips may be removed with just your hands, while others may require a screwdriver.

2. Make a Plan
Determine the best way to remove the windscreen from the vehicle’s frame’s fusing metal. (called the pinch-weld.) The windshield can be removed from either the inside or the exterior of the car, and it is frequently cut out using a specialized knife or razor. You must examine the angles to determine precisely how yours fits and the most effective method for cutting through the urethane all the way around the circumference. We advise browsing YouTube; you might even find a video for your precise make and model there.

3. Disconnect the windshield
This will be challenging. The urethane that holds the laminated glass to the metal frame is being cut. Most people prefer to tackle the problem from the outside since there is more space, but doing so has safety risks. If your car doesn’t have a thick enough urethane strip, your knife might fumble and break the glass. (more than an eighth of an inch). If you are approaching the urethane from the inside, you should use a knife with an extended handle and repeatedly run the blade across the urethane until it is entirely cut. Always use gloves to prevent slips. When finished, carefully pry the glass from the inside. If the urethane was properly cut, it should just pop out. Just keep in mind that the glass is heavy, so ask a friend to help you lift it.

4. Cleaning Up
Any dirt may be removed using only a brush and some simple water. It’s essential to prepare the area before applying the new urethane. After sanding off any rust on the pinch weld, additional urethane should be removed with a razor. You want to have an old layer of urethane that is approximately 3/16″ (3 mm) deep while applying the fresh urethane. Use a primer that is recommended by the maker of the urethane and follow the primer’s instructions while priming the pinch weld. Several primers advise priming the new windshield’s edge as well. Don’t skip the priming stage because it encourages adherence and aids in preventing future corrosion.

5. Apply the urethane
To achieve a smooth finish, use a caulking gun to apply a thick bead of urethane around the entire border of the pinch weld. For best results, we suggest using an extruded bead with a triangular form. Since urethane consistency is necessary to create a reliable and watertight seal between the pinch weld and your windshield, we strongly advise using an electric caulking gun. If you don’t already have one, most hardware stores sell them. Fill up any gaps or cracks in your urethane bead with a putty knife or flathead screwdriver.

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