Windshield Calibration

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Windshield Calibration

Your windshield has to be adjusted for safety. By doing this, the vehicle’s camera functions are altered to meet manufacturer specifications. This makes sure that when the windshield is changed, your lane departure alarms, adaptive braking, and other safety features continue to work as they should.

What does “Windshield Calibration” mean, exactly?
Recalibrating your windshield is a very important safety element. This operation changes how the vehicle’s camera works so that your lane departure alarms, adaptive braking, and other safety features still work when the windshield is replaced.

Different ways to set up a windshield

Dynamic Recalibration: For this camera recalibration, the vehicle must be driven at a certain speed for a certain amount of time on a clearly specified route in perfect conditions. Depending on what kind of automobile it is, this could take up to an hour. The purpose of this calibration is to get the car used to the road so it can do what it needs to do.

Static recalibration: For this sort of calibration, a specific target image is mounted on a fixture in front of the vehicle. This one doesn’t include driving because it’s more about keeping the environment steady so you can test how well the cameras work. Depending on the make and model of the car, this process can take an hour or longer.

It will cost extra to re-calibrate an ADAS camera. How much it costs depends on what kind of adjustment your car needs. If you file an insurance claim, your insurance company will pay for the camera to be readjusted and your windscreen to be replaced. 

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What is windshield calibration?

You might wonder what it means at this point to calibrate a windshield.

In actuality, “calibrating a windshield” means “calibrating the camera that is on or near the windshield of your ADAS-equipped vehicle.” It’s not the glass itself that needs to be set up, but the camera.

Why does a windshield need to be calibrated?
ADAS cameras can’t re-adjust themselves if they are moved from where they were first set up. Because of this, the car needs to be calibrated by a professional after the windshield is replaced and in a number of other common service situations. The ADAS cameras on your windshield will be in the appropriate place and pointing in the right direction. This makes it feasible for the ADAS safety features in your automobile to work well. This includes technologies like lane departure warning, collision avoidance braking, adaptive cruise control, and many more.

As part of the ADAS calibration procedure, all the cameras and sensors on the windshield are set up and tested together to make sure they perform well. If the car’s ADAS systems aren’t set up right, they might not work right, which could lead to an accident.

When do you need to adjust the windscreen?
Calibration is needed when anything happens to a forward-facing camera in a car that makes it move from where it was before. Most car repairs that need a windshield camera recalibration include replacing the windshield. However, many manufacturers now require a windshield camera recalibration following a major accident or a wheel alignment.

When do I need to get my windshield adjusted?
ADAS windshield recalibration is often needed in the following situations:

  • The windshield was changed.
  • Wheel realignment
  • Suspension adjustments
  • Change or take the camera away

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