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Is that tiny chip in your windshield causing you any concern?

​Is it necessary to repair the whole windshield if there are large cracks?

Has one of your car windows been shattered?

These are common occurances, and we have everything to fix the problem and get you back on the road. ​

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Auto Glass Pros of Brea fixes and replaces windshields, doors, and back windows on the spot, and they even calibrate ADAS systems, all in and around Brea, California.

Whether you just need a little chip repaired or a new windshield installed and calibrated, you can put your trust in us to get the job done.

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You shouldn’t take any chances with the safety of your passengers and the integrity of your auto glass. You can rely on us to fix any form of damage to your car’s glass so that it looks as good as new in no time.   Our expert specialists have all had the training they need to ensure your complete pleasure, and we only utilize the finest equipment and materials to accomplish any project.

You can trust that your automobile will be in good hands with our team when you schedule an appointment with us.​

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Auto Glass Services

Cracked windshield

Windshield Replacement

​​If your windshield has to be replaced, you can count on us to have it done quickly and affordably. Our expert mechanics are familiar with all makes and models of cars, trucks, SUVs, commercial trucks, and more.

cracked windshield

Windshield Repair

​​​​​Small chips, up to the size of a quarter, can be quickly repaired on the spot by our skilled specialists. It would be more cost-effective if cracks could be fixed instead of the whole pane of glass having to be replaced.​

Broken side glass door

Door Glass Replacement

When it comes time to replace the glass in the vehicle’s door, our team will track down the right-sized pane. Either the driver’s or passenger’s side window may be replaced quickly and easily by us so you can get right back on the road.

Broken rear glass window

Rear Window Glass Replacement

​​​Get in touch with us if you need to replace the back glass on your car, truck, van, or SUV. Our goal is to give you with the best possible service, therefore we’ve made replacing the glass in the back window a simple process.​​

Windshield Calibration

​​​The windshield adjustment is necessary for the safety of the vehicle. This process ensures that after having your windshield replaced, your lane departure alarms, adaptive braking, and other safety features will continue to function as the manufacturer intended.

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It can be really inconvenient if you suddenly need auto glass repair. It’s possible that this issue just emerged out of thin air. Rocks and other road debris are a common cause of windshield damage for our customers, who are often in a rush to get to work or elsewhere. Another bad scenario is when they return to their parked vehicle to discover broken windows.

In the event that you want mobile window repair, our experts will come to you. Frequently, we can fix your car’s shattered glass and have you back on the road in time for the rest of the day.

We offer convenient mobile glass repair services so you don’t have to waste time traveling to us. Our experts will come to your house, place of business, or anywhere else you like, so you can continue with your day as normal while they tend to your vehicle.

3 Commonly Asked Questions Regarding Auto Glass Installation

​All automobile owners are concerned about what happens if the auto glass is broken or cracked. If it can be changed, how long will it take for the professionals to do the task? As a result, the following are three frequently asked questions and their respective responses about auto glass installation and other windshield-related subjects.

1. Should a windshield with a crack be fixed or replaced?
This selection will be primarily influenced by the size, scope, and gravity of the harm.

a. Damaged area: The fractures will grow more rapidly if they began at the edge of the vehicle’s windshield. If caught in time, it can be repaired; otherwise, replacement is always preferred. Again, if the crack is in the driver’s line of sight, the majority of customers opt to replace the windshield rather than have it repaired, as doing so would result in minor distortions.

b. Size and Severity: Reputable professionals can readily repair damage the size of a quarter or with three-inch-long cracks. Even some windshield installation and repair organizations can employ advanced techniques to repair a 12-inch crack in the auto glass of your vehicle. More than that, though, demands replacement.

2. How long does the installation or repair of auto glass take?

According to a preliminary estimate, depending on the extent of the damage, experts typically do repair work in under 30 minutes. Installations normally require less than an hour. An further hour is required for the urethane. Therefore, you may return to your vehicle after two hours. Back windows or doors are normally fastened shut and do not require an additional hour to cure.

3. How should you choose the best business?

This is an essential consideration when selecting a windshield installation or repair service. Here are some of the most important criteria for selecting the best and most renowned auto glass installation company.

  1. All of the company’s technicians should have adequate training, skills, and certification.
  2. The company should have substantial experience in this industry.
  3. You should be able to afford the package packages offered by the restoration firm. Generally, reputable firms charge reasonable prices for their services.
  4. Determine if they use cutting-edge equipment and techniques.
  5. Confirm that all of the goods in use comply with the FMVSS standard.
  6. They must have adequate insurance.
  7. The professionals you choose must be willing to interact with you and discuss your demands.
  8. A reputable company will always explain how they intend to complete the task.
  9. Lastly, ensure that the professionals offer tinting in addition to their installation and repair services.

Contact Auto Glass Pros of Brea to get you safely back on the road.

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